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All the basics about how things are run here and what you need to know before registering can be found right here.

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Any site wide updates, whether in-character or out-of-character, can be found here. This also includes activity checks and otm nominations.
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Any questions, suggestions, or concerns can be posted here. This board is guest friendly! Anything requiring immediate attention should be sent via PM to an admin account.
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Any and all resources for Elias Island can be found here, including any play-by/power ideas and app help.
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Have an idea that involves multiple characters, including ones that may not be created yet? Submit it here.

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This is where you'll need to post your application. We ask you to be patient however; once you application has been finished, an admin will look it over as soon as possible. You can also find the canon list here, as well any important character information. Please title your app:

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All accepted and current character applications can be found here!
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Once you're accepted, head over here to post in all of the claims that apply to you and your character.

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Discussion of plot ideas and development go here. Got a new character? Make yourself a plot page and get to plotting.
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So long as characters stay active, we don't enforce a character limit on Elias. Post here to keep track of all the threads each character is involved in, which ones are complete, and which ones are open to join.
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Is there a specific character you'd like to see? Need your character's sibling, enemy, or lover? Want ideas for who to create next? Member requests can be found in here!
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In this day and age, everyone's got a cellphone. Whether it be a text to a fellow student a classroom away, or a call to a friend down the street, this is the place to do it.
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Although separated from the mainland, Elias still hosts a 4G network for its students at the Academy as well as the other island residents. From Twitter, to Instagram, to Instant Messaging and everything in between, leave your electronic fingerprint here.
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Got a diary? Make a moodboard? Questionnaires? Here's the place to go wild with development things for your characters.

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The Elias Island Historical Society is throwing a black tie event with auctions and raffles, food and drink, and plenty of dancing. Grab your tuxes and gowns and hit City Hall for a spectacular evening out!
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Last year's tricks mean this year's treats! With a haunted mansion, Halloween speakeasy, college party, and bonfire on the beach, there's plenty of fun to choose from this Halloween.
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A month of celebrations are happening on Elias Island, with a focus on multiculturalism, tolerance and acceptance, and coming together. No matter who you are, there is something you can get involved in.
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Maine might not be the best place to view the first lunar eclipse of 2018, but it'll still give the residents plenty to talk about in the coming days: as the moon fades into the horizon, so have everyone's superpowers!

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Elias Academy is in the highest tier of schools for the northeast coast and seems as old as the island itself. Though the recent earthquake has caused some damage and loosed some dust, the Academy managed to remain mostly unharmed.
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The Academy boasts a wide range of studies for its students to major in, covering disciplines not offered anywhere else in the world thanks to the town’s isolation. Whatever your interests are, the Academy has a desk for you here.
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The Library was the first building on campus to be completed while the rest were still being constructed. There are plenty of hidden nooks even the librarians don’t know about. When searching for a quiet place to study and pass notes, look no further.
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Living on an island provides a wide assortment of local favorites for the students and staff to enjoy and what can’t be cultivated must be imported from the mainland. There’s always something cooking in the cafeteria.
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The earthquake made most of the original hardware unusable, forcing the staff to update their servers and consoles to better match the needs of the students. Even for those without laptops, high speed access is still just a click away.
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Elias Academy has a long tradition of great theater companies performing everything from Shakespeare to musicals. Otherwise, the campus hosts local concerts and other events for the town as well. But all good theaters have drama.
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Dorms on the Academy grounds are gender divided and designed for two students per dorm. Some finer facilities also allow for foyers and sitting areas. Whether they're used for studying, partying, or sleeping, there’s no place like home.
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The Academy Grounds make full use of limited space and are divided into several parks and gardens for the students to enjoy. People can always enjoy the green island grass, whether rushing to class or having fun in the sun.

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The Town of Elias is divided by a single wide street and is host to several shops and cafes for the islanders to enjoy. For the students and residents, it’s the perfect spot to meet up and hang out.
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The centerpiece of the island, Downtown Elias is where most of the businesses can be found. Without corporations, small shops and businesses have flourished on Elias Island and the quaint, little city brings in plenty of tourists each year.
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Despite being a small, Elias Island hosts a diverse social biome. Residents can live in apartments and condos to save space or move into the suburbs with families. For more urban accommodations, there are busy high-rises available in Downtown Elias.
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Without many inhabitants, islanders have utilized the open space on the island for lush parks and knolls for friends and family to enjoy. Benches and gazebos are the perfect place to make a date or just shoot the breeze.
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Catching rays has never been more fun on the boardwalk, a favorite stop for stepping out and meeting people. East Coast sands are white and fine on the beach, and the Atlantic waves are cool even in the sun.
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Nestled just off the beach sits a massive, open ceiling cave and another favorite hangout for those who know about it. For islanders who need privacy, there’s no place better for some momentary seclusion.

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The world's a big place and Elias Island is just a tiny part of it. Whether your character needs to get out of town, out of country, or wherever else, this is the place for it.
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Be it past or future, some ideas just don't fit into the current setting. Any threads that take place outside of the present can be placed here.
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For scenes that are too outlandish even for Elias Island. This is a place for threads that do not exist in this universe, whether it be the animated one or something different entirely.

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Out of character and for whatever topics pop into your heads. If discussing subjects that may offend someone else, and you should all know what topics those are, mark it in the description and be considerate of your fellow members.

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Here's a place for all those games that we all like to play. Think up something fun!
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Here to advertise your site? Here's the place to do it. Please post in the correct section and no more often than once per month! GUEST FRIENDLY AND ALL HOSTS WELCOME!



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Previously accepted characters that have either been given up or deemed inactive or characters who have been abandoned before completion will be placed here.
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Plot searches for deleted characters, introductions for old members, and other things.
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Threads which have been fully played out will be placed here, as well as threads that are dead, abandoned, or involving deleted/abandoned characters.

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