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 James Silas Jackson, 17 | Raccoon Twin | Lucas Bin
 Posted: Jul 6 2018, 04:13 PM
Lost boys like me are free
High school student
Racoon Twin
17 years
twin telepathy & visulazation
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Silas Jackson

James Silas Jackson
Lucas bin
Raccoon twin 1
High school student
Twin Telepathy
The early years

We were born on November 18th, 2001. I say we because it's not just me. It's me and my brother. We we're born on the same day, nearly at the same time, and looking as close to alike as you can get. We've been the spitting image of each other since long before I can remember. I'm Silas and he's Rys, we're twins if you haven't picked that up by now. We were brought home from the hospital and were under the best care that money could buy. I'm pretty sure they brought in those special type of baby nurses just for us. They, they are our parents. I say they because I don't really know them, if you know what I mean. I mean, they were there I guess...kinda? I remember them being there, but half of me doesn't exactly know if my brain placed them there or if they actually were. In any case, they were the classic case of absent parents who thought that money would suffice for caring. In retrospect, it did. The people they hired were loving and cared deeply for my brother and me, but they weren't parents.

I grew up in a stupid, big house. Imagine a normal house and then quadruple it. It was far too big for the people living in it...which were me, my brother, and the live in help. Maybe a max of six people at times? Our parents didn't really see the need to stay at home when they could have a team to care for us. Fair, I suppose. If you hire a person to do a job, you expect them to do it well. I can't take that away from the people who raised us, they did an amazing job. We were always surrounded by love and affection as kids, albeit not from the ones who owned the house. We saw our parents here and there between trips. They didn't witness our first steps, words, or anything the normal mom and dad would want to experience. I'm pretty sure we were a bragging chip between their friends, but I don't know that for certain. They had the fancy life, fancy house, and the beautiful family...what wasn't there to be jealous of?

We saw less and less of our parents as we grew, only knowing that they were on 'important trips and meeting with important people' while it was hard, it was difficult to miss people that you barely knew. Our toddler years faded into the first years of school and those years faded into middle school. If I'm being honest, it's a blur. I'm not sure if my brain has blocked it out or if the things I remember have just faded that much. Maybe Rhys remembers more than I do.

In the middle

As we progressed through school, I didn't talk much. I let Rhys do the talking for us. I always preferred ideas over actual speaking. I would get lost in what I would say to someone, how I would say it, and when I would say it...and then I never said it. Ever. I get caught up in my thoughts a lot, I can't get them out of my head. I know what I want to say, Ive practiced it and still I can't say it. I learned to just stay silent, letting my brother do the talking for us. We were inseparable growing up, if he was there so was I and vice versa. We were all we had it seemed. Sure, we had our parents staff of glorified babysitters at home, but was that an actual family? They were paid to do a job (one they did great, but that wasn't the same). As far as we were concerned, we were our own family. We had each others backs through and through even if other people didn't understand us. We could look at each other and know exactly what the other was thinking or feeling, it was this twin bond that no one else could understand.

Our parents started coming back around in late middle school, I always thought that they got tired of flying around the world but their answer was that they "missed the family time we used to have". I'm pretty sure Rhys and I both laughed in their face. What family time? Did they mean pawning us off on the people they hired? Or maybe they meant missing every single graduation, play, or any other important event. Family time. Maybe they wanted in on it, but we had already created the bond we needed...we didn't need them anymore.

We didn't have much of a choice but to still live in their house, where else were we going to go? While we were home, Rhys and I stayed mostly in our room. We had bunk beds, but they were rarely used as such. While it isn't so common anymore, we shared a bed most of the time. It was all we knew, all we had were one another and the thought of being too far away scared us both. Now it's easier, now we can handle being apart. In middle school I wasn't the popular twin. I still had problems with my words and them coming out jumbled up. Rhys though, he was cool. He'd always been cool in my eyes though.

He never had a problem speaking his mind, something I envied. Rhys made friends easily, stood up for what he believed in, and people wanted to be around him. He was like a magnet. I stayed on his sidelines, never too far away but not wanting to affect him. He always said that he didn't care but being popular had to feel nice. I wasn't going to get in his way of having friends. Rhys really didn't bring friends home though, because that was our space, but one day he asked me if he could. Well, who was I to tell him no? If he wanted to bring someone to hang out with he should absolutely be able to.

That friend was Cubby, now one of my closest friends. He didn't seem to be the smartest guy in the world but neither were we. We bonded seamlessly, almost like we had been friends for years. He didn't mind that I didn't speak much and that Rhys never stopped speaking. Cubby didn't run and tell everyone that we lived in this giant house, that our parents were rich, or that we had a staff of people at our whims. Cubby was just our friend and that was that.

The weird part

High school is a weird place. It's filled with even more cliques, more drama, and more expectations. The earthquakes only made it more difficult. It was after those that...everything changed. When you wake up hearing your brothers thoughts you just laugh it off. Twins reading each others minds was always just "a thing" until it became reality. I rolled over and looked towards Rhys who was searching for something. I chimed in that it was on the top shelf of our cabinets and he just stared at me. "I knew because you asked?" It was then that I realized that I heard a 'how did you know what I was looking for?' inside of my head. I jumped out of bed and Rhys just stared at me asking what the hell was going on. I didn't know, he didn't know, all we knew is that we could hear each other's thoughts. I ran out of the room, him calling after me. No, this wasn't real. This couldn't be real, how could we hear each other inside of our heads? Nonsense, this was a dream. How could it be anything other than a dream? People couldn't hear into other peoples head, even if they were related.

None of that made sense, and honestly? It still doesn't. I don't know how this happened. One day we were just normal people, living a normal-ish life and the next I could hear my brothers thoughts. I'd swear I was crazy if I hadn't seen what everyone else could do.

Remember how I said that I always preferred ideas over speaking? Well that's were the second weird thing comes into play. I can see things that other people can't, my ideas. Well, obviously other people can't see my ideas but I can really see them. It's like they're projected out of my brain and I can see them infant of me. How things should look, move, interact. I can't explain it. I don't know if I will ever be able to. The notion that I can see ideas in a 3D space with nothing but my mind doing that, its ludicrous, I know...but its the truth.

Well, Rhys and his big mouth told Cubby about all of this. Him hearing my thoughts, me hearing his, my ideas visualizing, and Rhys had begun to get really proficient at putting things together...Rhys told him all of it. Cubby said that he had some friends who would think al of that was really cool. Cool? I didn't think it was cool, I thought it was crazy but I tagged along anyway.

Cubby introduced us to Peter and who he called 'the lost boys'

Where we are now
I guess we're lost boys too now. It's just a name Peter gave to us, really. The boys who didn't have much or anything at home. While me and Rhys technically had a home and parents, the guys understood. It wasn't the same, having parents wasn't the same as having a mother and father...a mom and dad. Parents could birth you, give you life, but that didn't mean that they offered love and support. Who needed that stuff anyway?

While being in the lost boys, I don't think Peter actually knows how to tell me and Rhys apart. That’s fair though, ever since the earthquakes and hearing Rhys thoughts in my head...I've been speaking out more. Feeling more confident. He thinks most of what I've always wanted to say but never knowing how, with him thinking it all I have to do is repeat it. Cubby says that now I'm even more talkative than Rhys, though I don't know if thats true.

The only thing that I know is true is that I'll never be lonely. I have my brother, the lost boys, and Peter. What more do I need? I realized I finally had a family.

FACE: Lucas Bin has a great selection of pictures to choose from that could easily portray both Silas and Rhys' personality. When choosing pictures for twins with such different personality types it can be hard to find someone who matches both and I really think Lucas hits those marks.

POWERS: So twin telepathy will be such a fun power. I'm just imagining Silas and Rhys staring at each other for minutes having a conversation while the other lost boys just sigh and tell them to stop staring at each other weirdly. The second powers for Silas and Rhys come from an adaptation of the twins which I'll explain in the canon section.

HISTORY: So the Twins don't have a giant storyline(or any really) they just are there. Elle helped me with the idea that the twins are lost boys not because they are parentless, but because of the fact that there parents are absent while they were growing up. The parents tried to come back later in their life but they had already grown close and decided that they didn't need their parents because what could they offer them that they hadn't already given themselves. Cubby bringing them to Peter and the other lost boys have finally shown them what they were missing as a family and are finally understanding what that brings.

CANON: So, as I said earlier, the twins don't have a ton as storyline or backstory only that they're twins and finish each others sentences. I do love having a character with an open backstory, but I decided to do a deep dive and found and adaption of the twins called "The Can-Do Twins" They're mostly where the secondary powers come from. They are the creators and inventors for the lost boys and I thought that would be a fun thing to bring to the Elias version. Silas is by far an idea person, his visualization power will be what he uses to come up with the blueprints for the lost boys. I thought that him coming up with how to make the things used for pranks would be a useful power that Peter would see as valuable. Rhys secondary power is mechanical Intuition. The idea for that is that while Silas could see the plans in front of him, he wouldn't know how to bring them to life. With the twins sharing telepathy, Silas would be able to send what he was seeing to his brother and go 'make this' xD While the transference wouldn't be perfect all the time, the dynamic duo-ness of the twins would make them incredibly valuable to the lost boys.They'll need the twins in the background having ideas and creating the devices that the main squad uses!

27 | PM/discord | He/Him/His
 Posted: Jul 8 2018, 11:59 PM
Lost boys like me are free
High school student
Racoon Twin
17 years
twin telepathy & visulazation
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user posted image
Twin 1 reporting for duty!
 Posted: Jul 12 2018, 05:44 PM
Magical Koala
27 years
encouraging bad decisions
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Peter Pan is one of my favourite stories, and it's depiction of children is why; there's no shying away from the good and bad of children, including the Lost Boys and the Darlings. Silas definitely shows this as well; the twins relationship with their parents, each other, and Peter and the other Lost Boys is the highlight of this app. I love Silas' unique voice (and can't wait to hear his twins), and the use of other Peter Pan related canon to flesh his character out. The PB works well, the powers are really smart, and he is clearly going to get up to some trouble here.

Don't forget to post in any claims that haven't been done and get yourself a shipper! Welcome to Elias Island!
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