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 Posted: Jul 12 2015, 02:43 AM
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What era is Elias Island set in? Where is it located?

    Elias Island is set in the modern world, starting in the beginning of June 2016. The current month is whatever it is out-of-game. The island is located in the Penobscot Bay right off the coast of Maine, between Vinalhaven and Isle au Haut. The nearest town on mainland Maine would be Rockport. For comparison, Elias Island is slightly longer in size than Isle au Haut, and almost four times as wide.
Minimum character age?
    Our minimum character age is 14. We don't mind whether you make your character younger/older to fit in with the Academy aspect, although you're more than welcome to stay closer to your character's movie canon age if you prefer, especially if your character is known as being old and wise.
Do you have required gender ratios? Like if I make two girls do I have to make a guy?
    Absolutely not! Some people prefer to play just females, some just males, most a mix of both and other genders. We have ratios in the banner just to give you a general idea of what's on the board, but especially since straight characters aren't the majority on the board there's even less reason for us to try to keep the male vs. female numbers the same. (Also, just for clarification, the ratios are by character gender, not the playby's.)
What can I name my character? How do I pick an appropriate play by?
    Both of these questions can be answered in our lovely app guide.
My character doesn't have any special abilities in their movie, do they have to have powers?
    Yes they do. Every character will have to have up to two powers, though you may choose to only pick one. There's more on how to pick powers in our app guide, and more about the effects of powers down in the Earthquake & Plot section of the FAQ.
Do you have a limit on characters? Can I play more than one major character?
    Here on Elias we don't have a character limit. All that we ask is that you remain active with all the characters you decide to take, whether it just be one or eight. The same goes for major characters. We just want everyone to be active with the characters they take and be considerate on whether or not they are hogging popular characters while lacking the time to use them fully. As a non-rule, try to have a mixture of both main and supporting characters from various movies, in order to make it fair for everyone, but we don't enforce this by any means.
What about posting requirements?
    Our requirement is one post per character per month. We run a monthly activity check (always from the 1st to the 7th of the month, PST time) where we ask you to link the post, both for our sake and for your sake so we can all make sure no one's ghosted or bitten off more than they can chew. It also helps us keep our canon list updated just in case someone's lost interest in a character or the site. Further details about the activity checks and how they run can be found here.
Do I have to participate in site-wide events?
    Nope. Participating in site-wide events is not required, though it might make your character(s) a bit out of the loop as some of the events affect all of the characters as a whole.
Why don't you have a character switch link in your header?
    Well, jcink actually has this really nifty feature that makes it possible to link accounts together. By going into the 'My Controls' menu, and clicking on the 'Edit Sub-Accounts' link under the Personal Profile section. There is some information about sub-accounts there and by adding the name and password of another account to a parent account, you can link multiple accounts all together, which makes it easy to switch accounts without logging in and out.
So I have to log out, register a character, and link them all the time?
    Nope, not anymore! As of October 2017, jcink has a great feature where you can register and link a new sub-account right from the sub-account menu! If you follow the 'My Controls' link and click on the 'Edit Sub-Accounts' link under the Personal Profile Section, underneath any already linked accounts you'll have a lovely button that says 'Register a New Account'. You can also follow this link when you're logged into your parent account.
How does tagging work?
    The official jcink answer can be found here, but in short: if you put a username in between these: @[FIRST LAST] that person will get an alert that you've replied to them. We strongly encourage you to use the tagging system to make people's lives a little easier. When you do, please make sure that you always post it as @[FIRST LAST] and do not quote - if you just quote an old tag and do not rewrite the @[FIRST LAST], the person will NOT get a new alert!
The default Up skin is a little bright for me! Are there any other alternatives?
    Yes! Elias Island hosts five different skins, two light (including the default), one medium and two dark skins. Unfortunately due to Jcink software, guests cannot use the skin selector, but here are some screenshots of the other skins that are available once you sign up: Paperman (light), Cinderella (medium), Disney Villains (dark) and Wall-E (dark). As an added bonus, all of the optional site thread templates are coded to change with each skin, however you are free to use your own thread template, or none at all!


When did the earthquake occur? What time of day?

    The earthquake occurred in early June 2016. It happened during the middle of the night, causing some panic amongst the citizens of the island. The biggest thing that would have people scared is why there was even an earthquake in the first place. Elias Island, being on the Northeast coast, is not near any fault lines and therefore the presence of an earthquake is cause for speculation.
How bad was the earthquake?
    The earthquake was a fairly minor earthquake, let's say around a 4 on the Richter Scale. It was enough to wake up most people sleeping and there would be very minor damage to some of the older buildings. Things might have fallen off of shelves and the power might have gone out very briefly, but nothing life-threatening. Your character will not have sustained any huge injuries during the earthquake and no family members would have died. The second earthquake was closer to a 6, resulting in more widespread damage.
How long has my character had their powers?
    The site timeline started with the end of June 2016 and the earthquake that caused the powers was at the beginning of the month, so you'll have to do the math on that one.
Do the islanders know that everyone else has powers too?
    People tend to be really bad at keeping secrets for the most part and I'm sure there are characters that have openly flaunted their powers in public, just for the reaction they would get. It's probably safe to say that as the site timeline begins, the citizens know that something weird is going on. There have probably been a few news reports talking about unexplained phenomenons around the island. As we continue to move on, it's probably much less likely that anyone is still in the dark as to the existence of powers, though they might not necessarily be aware of the scope.
How much does the outside world know of Elias Island?
    News of strange things happening on the island has definitely leaked its way back to the mainland. And there might have been a news report or two in Maine about what's going on, but no one knows yet why any of these things are happening. However, the matter of an earthquake happening there has caught the attention of a group of people claiming to be scientists and government officials.
Can I make a character who arrived after the earthquake?
    Yes, but keep in mind that every character who comes to the island will gain powers of their own, so you will still have to pick up to two powers for you character when you apply. As soon as they set foot on the island they'll start to notice strange things happening to them.
Do my character's powers work if they are away from the island?
    No, the powers would exist on the island alone. The farther a character goes away from the island and the longer they stayed away, the less effective their powers would be, until they disappeared completely. How fast the powers would disappear depends on where they went too and how long they stayed there. They might not disappear right away if the character just went to the mainland. But if they flew to Australia, they might disappear quicker. Right now, the island is the source of all of these powers and its own supernatural environment is what is making the powers possible.


Does Elias Island have younger schools and can we play younger students?

    As mentioned earlier in the faq, the youngest age you can have as a character is 14. There is an elementary school and a middle school that are combined for the children below that age, but they would be considered NPCs or non-playable characters. Your character is allowed to have younger siblings or a child, if you'd like, but no one would be able to take them as characters if they were under 14.
How closely in age to our characters have to be to canon?
    We'd like you to stay fairly close to canon in terms of age, given our rules on close personification. If your character is a baby, then you would have to bring the age up to at least 14. For older characters, you have the option of playing them at that age, or playing a younger version of that character, though older characters are always encouraged! On the opposite end, if you have a character who is a young teen and you'd like them to be older, it's also acceptable to bump their age up slightly. Please note that if your character has siblings, the age gap doesn't necessarily have to be exactly the same as it is in the movie if that's unrealistic!
Does my character have to follow their canon storyline?
    Nope. Most people tend to like to find ways for the major events to happen in a modern setting, but you are not obligated to do that at all. We would prefer, however, if their backstory remained as closely linked with the canon character's backstory as possible.
Do I have to stick to canon pairings?
    Definitely not. These kinds of sites are breeding grounds for crack pairings, though again, there are people who'd like to play out canon pairings in a modern setting.
Do characters related in canon have to be characters related on the site?
    Generally speaking, no, they don't. If you wanted to play a younger Mufasa attending the university, it wouldn't work to have Simba be his son as a university student too. They could, however, be cousins instead. It's mainly how you'd like to work it out with the people who would take up the characters in the family group. Most people like to keep the family dynamics the same, but it's really a 'first come, first serve' thing in most cases.
If I want my character to be related to another canon character that doesn't have a player, how do I deal with it in the app?
    If you'd like them to be related, you can just add them into the app and then put up a want ad for them once you're accepted if you'd like. Again, it's mostly a 'first come, first serve' thing. We'll let you know if something definitely wouldn't work, but otherwise it's up to you!
Can I make a second character from the same movie if they have no interaction/involvement with each other?
    This is kind of a tricky question. For now, yes, but keep in mind that you're severely cutting down on any kind of potential interaction between those characters.
Can my character die?
    Yes, but we seriously discourage people from making a character just to kill it off. We will require the character account to have at least 100 posts before you consider killing them off and we also ask that you tell the admins and those who would be directly involved with the character's death first before you do so. Disney is known for its heartbreaking and tragic character deaths, but to the character's family and friends, it would be a devastating thing and not something to be taken on lightly. Also, keep in mind that when a character dies, both the canon and the play-by will be crossed off and they will become non-playable. No one would be able to take the canon again and the face claim wouldn't be able to be used by anyone else. If it makes it easier, perhaps consider instead a near-death experience, where the character almost dies and just barely manages to survive.


Can we genderswap characters?

    That greatly depends upon the character. In the past, we haven't allowed genderswapping of major characters, meaning no male Disney princesses. However, if the character is more minor, like the Dormouse from Alice in Wonderland, or their gender is not specified, like Carpet from Aladdin, it's definitely more open. General rule of thumb is to just run the character you'd like to genderswap by an admin first so we can give you a definitive answer.
Can I make a LGBTQIAP+ character?
    Yes! We actually have more LGBTQIA+ characters than heterosexual ones at the moment. This should go without saying, but a character's sexuality or gender identity is not a plot device. It should be a facet of your character, same as anything else, but not the only aspect.
Can I make a character with a mental/physical disability?
    Yes! However, the same rule that applies to the LGBTQIAP+ question applies here as well. Mental or physical illnesses are not plot devices and shouldn't be used as one. Giving your character a disability is a serious thing and should be treated as such. A disability would limit what the character is able to accomplish just like it would limit a real person with that disability. If you're still serious about giving your character a disability, we ask that you do your research fully and portray the disability accurately. Again though, we don't want this disability to be the only thing your character has going for them. It would greatly affect their lives, but there should be so much more to them than that.


Can I add the parents of my character's to the job list?

    Of course! Some businesses might be family owned and thus some of the higher up spots would be occupied by other characters. We would ask that if it's a major position in a business that would be used in plotting, the position should be given to a playable character.
Can I have my character own a business on the island? Do I need to talk to someone about that first?
    We already have a list of businesses and jobs on the island, but we don't mind adding more. If you'd just like it to be added to the job claim, or you'd like an actual sub-board be made for the business, let one of the admins know.
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